Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Restarting and new things!

So I got a new tattoo yesterday! I've been wanting it for a while, but I never had the money and then I went out to California, and REALLY didn't have the money!

So I finally got it. When he first started it wasn't so bad. My best friend went with me and held my hand. :) but we took a break before he finished the shading for a smoke. Big mistake! I was so tender and sore and when he went to finish the shading it really hurt. Of course then we switched and did the other side and the lining was just fine.
I went to get my tattoo done by my friend Seth over at Twisted Image in PSL off of Gatlin Blvd. They offer a free piercing (general piercings, no genitals or microdermals) with body jewelry (or you only pay for jewelry, I'm not sure) but anyway my friend took my free piercing and got her nose pierced and I wanted to watch that so we took another break. His gun was acting up, it was tattooing just fine but it would just quit out after part of a line and it was taking longer because of it, so he wanted to take a break and smoke a cig and get his gun working properly.
After that it went smoothly but my friend left. It hurt ten times more after she left! He was doing the shading and it just hurt even worse than my right side! I was just so glad that it was over! But I'm super happy with it.
And this is a picture of it! I think it came out super good! And it is straight! I just stand crooked! Which is kind of horrible

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