Saturday, January 15, 2011

New items!

My mum and I worked inventory Wednesday and Thursday, so today we went to pick up her money, because she was casual labor.  To get to my store, we have to pass Nordstrom Rack and on the way back to the car, she asked if I wanted to go in!  Of course I said yes, I really wish she didn't ask!

I ended up buying a few things, but I did get paid today, so it's OK!

It's actually really good that we went in, because I've been needing new earrings.  The ones that I bought previously from H&M, I wore them so much, I wore them out and they broke.  So I needed new ones!  When I tried to put these ones I had to re-pierce it through the back.

I got these super cute ones.  You can't really see in the picture, but they've got purple gems.
I looooove ribbons, so these earrings from Juicy Couture were perfect.  I really wanted these cute Betsey Johnson ones, but mum told me they were ugly and I had to be kidding!  They were gold anyway, and I'm not a huge fan of gold jewelry, so it was for the best!  The backs of these earrings are also little crowns.  Ribbons and crowns, my favorite!

I also got a couple of cute pairs of socks! 

They're pink and lacy.  These ones are short, and I got another pair that goes above my knee.  They make my legs look sooo long!  They're definitely a new favorite.

It also came down to a pair of pumps, or trainers.  I ended up buying the trainers, and as I was driving home, I was surprised that I picked the trainers!  But it's better that I did, because I honestly haven't had too many opportunities to wear any of my pumps, because I work retail and I'm on my feet for 6-8 hours.  I don't think I could take it! 

I ended up getting a beautiful pair of Onitsuka Tigers, which I've been dying for.  The only place I've ever found them cheaper than their usual $60 was at Journeys, and they don't carry anything smaller than a 7!  I found these trainers, they're black and pink and white, in a size 6 for $40!  Well worth it in my opinion! 

I had my own picture, but it didn't want to come through, soooo sadly I wasn't able to get my own.  I'll swap it out later most likely.

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