Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Zak Bagans

A post that has to do with absolutely nothing.  The other day, my roomie's friend Anna came around and we ended up staying up until 5 am drinking Baileys and watching Ghost Adventures.  We definitely got giggly and a little carried away, probably the Baileys!, and Anna drew Zak Bagans.

We were watching the Gettysburg episode, and there was one part where Zak jumped up and said a ghost groped him.  Anna drew it.  We laughed.  I tweeted it to him, and he totally ignored it.  That or he didn't see it!  Boo.

Then he kept tweeting about soap!  How he was hungry and his hotel had vegetable soap and soap soap soap, so after reading them to Anna, she drew another one!  This time, Zak and soap! Too funny.

Completely useless post.  That Missha BB Cream post I said I would get up?  I'll get it up soon, I promise!  Haven't felt too much like taking pictures of myself lately.  At all, really.  So, hopefully I can get up one before picture and one after picture.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Make It Work! + Giveaway

Just a super quick post!  School's been crazy, and everything's really been weighing me down lately.  It feels like I must be in a slump.  I need to work myself out of it!  So I haven't been online much.  Just been trying to focus on school to drown everything else out.  One good thing about my weekend though, Tim Gunn was at my mall!  He was hosting a fashion show to launch the fall lines for Kate Spade, Juicy Couture, and Lucky Brand.  He was also giving styling tips as the models went down the runway.  The coords they picked were all pulled from the stores in my mall.  There was also a QA session after the show.  I really wanted to ask if he would be doing any more college tours, or if he had any good advice for someone hoping to get into fashion school, but I never got to ask.  Regardless, it was a lot of fun.  I was pleasantly surprised at the pieces that were in the collection, especially because I'm not really a fan of any of those brands.  Lucky had some super cute dresses, and Juicy had some really cute coats.  If only I were not a poor Uni student with no job.  They had an incentive.  If you spent $150 at any of those stores and presented your receipt, you'd get into the after party, and get to meet Tim Gunn, take a picture with him, talk to him, and enjoy refreshments and music!  That's the only downside to my Saturday.  I was so sad that I couldn't afford it.

Anyway, I was actually pretty close.  I made sure to get there super early, when the mall opened (good thing I did, too!) and managed to snag a seat right behind the VIP and Media in the third row.  (VIP being the first and media being the second!) I couldn't believe how close I was to him!  He's one of my role models, seriously.  I love watching him on Project Runway, and I love his books. (He's coming out with a new one next year!)  He's definitely one of my favorite people.  He's always so polite, well-dressed, and well-spoken.  I wish there were more people like him around! 

Enough text!  Photos and video!  I will probably reup the videos to youtube when I have enough free time.  The internet is so slow right now!