Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Zak Bagans

A post that has to do with absolutely nothing.  The other day, my roomie's friend Anna came around and we ended up staying up until 5 am drinking Baileys and watching Ghost Adventures.  We definitely got giggly and a little carried away, probably the Baileys!, and Anna drew Zak Bagans.

We were watching the Gettysburg episode, and there was one part where Zak jumped up and said a ghost groped him.  Anna drew it.  We laughed.  I tweeted it to him, and he totally ignored it.  That or he didn't see it!  Boo.

Then he kept tweeting about soap!  How he was hungry and his hotel had vegetable soap and soap soap soap, so after reading them to Anna, she drew another one!  This time, Zak and soap! Too funny.

Completely useless post.  That Missha BB Cream post I said I would get up?  I'll get it up soon, I promise!  Haven't felt too much like taking pictures of myself lately.  At all, really.  So, hopefully I can get up one before picture and one after picture.

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