Friday, November 23, 2012

So Sleek

Hello loves!

I was so sad when I left, because I had to leave a lot of my makeup at home. A lot of my eyeshadows weren't able to fit in my suitcase! It made them too heavy. So I was seriously lacking. Sam mentioned Sleek cosmetics on her blog, so I decided to give it a try.

Popped into Superdrug and picked up these palettes. Fortunately, they were having a 3/2 deal, so I was also able to replace my Dolly Wink liner which is on its last leg as well.

I got the Storm palette and the Ultra Mattes - Dark palette. I thought about getting the Ultra Mattes - Bright palette, but as I don't often wear bright colours, and am a bit too intimidated at bright shadows, I decided not to for now! Unfortunately, what I didn't realise about this liner (until just now actually) is that it's not waterproof. I've already used it more than a few times, so I'm hesitant to return it. It's such a gorgeous dark colour and goes on so nicely. It would be perfect if it was waterproof.

Left: Storm Palette Right: Ultra Mattes - Dark Palette

The palettes do have some similar colours, but the Storm palette has a bit more of a shimmer, which I love.

Reviews of these to come soon!


Monday, November 19, 2012

London Adventure

Hello lovelies!! How have you been?

Aside from having a ton of work, I think I might have finally found a good balance between work and play. I had my first tests in German and Italian last week, and received good marks on my German test! Have yet to find out about my Italian one.

I took my first trip into London on the 7th! I went to go see An Cafe. Unfortunately, I didn't get much of a chance to explore, as I went straight to the gig, but I have plans to go back into London on the 24th of November (for ice skating and a winter wonderland in Hyde Park, Expect pictures!!), the 8th of December (for a book signing!), and the 15th of December (BIG BANG!!). Wow, a lot of trips planned!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Ok, so I know it's not Halloween anymore, but still! I hope everyone was safe and had fun (if you celebrated!) I celebrated! We went out to one of the Halloween parties at the club, which was a lot of fun.

I did Bloody Mary make up. It took me ages.
I used:
de Leon Cosmetics in: 12 Knock Out Punch, 27 Dorothy's Slippers, 44 Dashed Lip, 53 Indecent Exposure
L'Oréal High Intensity Pigments in 917 Dashing (black)
NYX Skinny Black Liner in Bel 05
E.L.F. mascara in Black and
Lashes from F21

Fake blood was from a kit I bought at Tesco!

Did you celebrate Halloween last night? What did you go as?