Friday, November 23, 2012

So Sleek

Hello loves!

I was so sad when I left, because I had to leave a lot of my makeup at home. A lot of my eyeshadows weren't able to fit in my suitcase! It made them too heavy. So I was seriously lacking. Sam mentioned Sleek cosmetics on her blog, so I decided to give it a try.

Popped into Superdrug and picked up these palettes. Fortunately, they were having a 3/2 deal, so I was also able to replace my Dolly Wink liner which is on its last leg as well.

I got the Storm palette and the Ultra Mattes - Dark palette. I thought about getting the Ultra Mattes - Bright palette, but as I don't often wear bright colours, and am a bit too intimidated at bright shadows, I decided not to for now! Unfortunately, what I didn't realise about this liner (until just now actually) is that it's not waterproof. I've already used it more than a few times, so I'm hesitant to return it. It's such a gorgeous dark colour and goes on so nicely. It would be perfect if it was waterproof.

Left: Storm Palette Right: Ultra Mattes - Dark Palette

The palettes do have some similar colours, but the Storm palette has a bit more of a shimmer, which I love.

Reviews of these to come soon!



  1. My cousin got the storm palette too when we were together in London :) I actually wanted to buy a loooot more than the two I own but these were sold out everywhere! And I only found three Superdrugs, so... (Actually it was quite hard to find a drugstore ANYWHERE.) I would love to hear about the Ultra Mattes Palette, because the matte colors in my palettes aren't as great as the shimmery ones! :/

  2. I just love the storm palette :D The palette that I really wanted was sold out! I was so sad :[ I think Sleek sells online, too, and ships to Germany :]

    I'll definitely write up a review of the Ultra Mattes Palette for you! I've been working on the posts slowly between homework and classes :]