Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cloud Lights

Hello lovelies! Have you ever seen this before?

This looks like such a cute idea, and it's such nice, soft lighting. I plan to make a couple of them and hang them in my dorm. Just a little something so make it more cosy feeling.

Here are instructions to make them if you're interested!
Cloud Lights - First, you need some cotton batting, a paper lantern, and three flameless candles, the type that Glade sells. Pull at the cotton batting until it looks fluffy, light, and cloud-like. Then, hot glue it to the outside of the paper lantern in various places. Make sure it´s fluffed to your liking, then light the lights and stick them inside. Hang the lantern wherever you´d like.

Some of the comments on this blog entry suggest using LED flameless candles. That will cut down on the heat produced and keep it from being a fire hazard! I might have to find an alternative. I'm thinking of using a flameless tea light which uses an LED light, and is small enough that it's held easily by the lantern. Will have to experiment and see what works!

What do you think? Would this be something you would ever do?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More BB Cream!

Hello lovelies! I'm so sorry for neglecting my blog so much. I have some new gets that I've picked up last minute, but a lot of my time has been spent packing! Not only that, but I'm more active at night, which makes it difficult to get good pictures of things because my room doesn't have good lighting!

Here are two of my recent gets:

I picked up some last minute BB creams! I wanted to give something new a try and as I am almost out of my Missha, I thought this would be a perfect time!
I tried √Čtude House's all day strong, so I thought I would try the bright fit. So I picked that up.
I've also heard good things about Liole, so I bought a pack of mini bottles to try! I was very impressed with the store I got them from. It is called Natural Radience, and it is based here in the US in Texas. I received a handwritten note thanking me for my purchase (not often that you get that!), some samples, and also a code for a percentage off my next purchase!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Targaryen Silver

Hello lovely readers!

I've recently finished both seasons of The Game of Thrones! Such a great series. I don't know why I've waited so long to watch it, but now I'm so impatient to wait for season 3. I will have to content myself with the books for now, though! Have any of you watched it? If not, I highly recommend it!

The name really has no bearing on the lacquer, which is Zoya's Trixie. Targaryen Silver is a combination of the family name of Daenerys and Viserys, and the colour of the polish. Though it also doubles its meaning because Daenerys is gifted a horse from Khal Drogo of the Dothraki that is referred to as The Silver!

Well, anyway, this gorgeous colour is called Trixie.

Zoya Nail Polish in Trixie can be best described as: Stunning light silver with a sparkling metallic foil finish. A chic and edgy shade that adds a spark to your look.
Colour Family Silvers
Finish Metallic
Intensity 5 ( 1=Sheer - 5=Opaque )
Tone Cool
Original Collection Extreme
I have nothing but good things to say about this lacquer. It's the first Zoya colour I've ever bought, and was actually the reason I fell in love with Zoya. The colour is so amazingly like a foil. The finish is an intense metallic shine, and it glitters like mad in the sun! Different angles of light really show how shiny it is! I've gotten many compliments on it, and I just really love the way it looks.

It's such a great formula, and covers smoothly in about two coats.

Wine Party

Just finishing up a few last minute things, and then I'm ready to go! Still have to figure out what to do with my phone though. Ahh, why does taking a phone overseas have to be so confusing!

Went to a party last night with my sister. It was a wine and cheese party! Everyone brought a bottle of wine, and later in the night, everyone decorated wine glasses. I didn't. I was a bit too cheap to spend the money to do it, honestly! It was a lot of fun though watching everyone else doing it, and joking around with everyone.
I just have one picture from the party! This is me and my sister and the wine glass her friend made for her :]

I feel bad having review post after review post. It doesn't seem very fun, and it's just very repetitive. Last night was the first time I really dressed up in any way. Normally I just wear shorts and a tank top. It's really too hot for anything else right now. And that's only if I even go out. Most days it's too hot for me to bother.

So maybe a quick outfit post?

(Omg I don't know why my face is a different colour. It's not like that in person! Had to have been from my brightening on the image. It was very dark before T.T)

So that was my outfit from the party! Super simple, but I thought it was cute! I wore rings, too, but I forgot to grab a picture of them. Is there any interest in seeing more in the future?

A last input of my little prince. He's taken to climbing and just laying on top of my suitcases every night. My other cat likes to use them as a rubbing post, too! They've both claimed the suitcases as their own.

What type of things are you interested in reading from my blog? I'm worried that posting review after review would be too boring!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

[REVIEW] Zoya Gemma

So sorry for neglecting my blog, All!

If I'm completely honest, I bought this colour because of the name. Gemma is just such a pretty name! The colour itself is pretty, as well. Zoya describes it as having a bluish-purple shimmer, but I've only really noticed a purplish shimmer.

What Zoya has to say:
Zoya Nail Polish in Gemma can be best described as: Light muted olive green with an overlay of blue and violet duochrome shimmer. Unique, hip and cutting-edge yet subtle enough to suit any wardrobe.
Colour Family Greens
Finish Dual Tone Metalllic
Intensity 4 ( 1=Sheer - 5=Opaque )
Tone Cool
Original Collection Intimate
Gemma is such a gorgeous colour; it's a muted green, yet it becomes bright. I love how the way it catches the light. It is very sheer though, so it took three coats for it to cover completely, which can be kind of annoying. I like nail lacquers to cover a bit better in maybe two coats. On the bright side, it's not streaky which is nice!

Now, aside from the review, another little bit of life update. We've traded one part of the family for another, and now my grandparents are visiting! Oh well. At least it's not a ton of screaming children! Also, I have everything ready (and most packing done!), so now I'm just sitting and waiting until it's finally time to head to school! To fill the time, I've issued myself a bit of a challenge.

I want to join a couple of clubs at school, but mostly I think I want to join the Trampolining Club. It's been so long since I've bothered to do any sort of exercising, so I've started a bit of a workout plan! Hopefully I can keep keep up with it! Sometimes my laziness gets the better of me, especially when it comes to exercising!

Expect some pictures from around school and my new city within the coming month! I will be in my new home the 30th of September!

Also! Check out Sam's 100+ follower giveaway! There are some really cute items that she's put together!