Sunday, September 9, 2012

Targaryen Silver

Hello lovely readers!

I've recently finished both seasons of The Game of Thrones! Such a great series. I don't know why I've waited so long to watch it, but now I'm so impatient to wait for season 3. I will have to content myself with the books for now, though! Have any of you watched it? If not, I highly recommend it!

The name really has no bearing on the lacquer, which is Zoya's Trixie. Targaryen Silver is a combination of the family name of Daenerys and Viserys, and the colour of the polish. Though it also doubles its meaning because Daenerys is gifted a horse from Khal Drogo of the Dothraki that is referred to as The Silver!

Well, anyway, this gorgeous colour is called Trixie.

Zoya Nail Polish in Trixie can be best described as: Stunning light silver with a sparkling metallic foil finish. A chic and edgy shade that adds a spark to your look.
Colour Family Silvers
Finish Metallic
Intensity 5 ( 1=Sheer - 5=Opaque )
Tone Cool
Original Collection Extreme
I have nothing but good things to say about this lacquer. It's the first Zoya colour I've ever bought, and was actually the reason I fell in love with Zoya. The colour is so amazingly like a foil. The finish is an intense metallic shine, and it glitters like mad in the sun! Different angles of light really show how shiny it is! I've gotten many compliments on it, and I just really love the way it looks.

It's such a great formula, and covers smoothly in about two coats.


  1. I loooove Khal Drogo!! The scene in season 2 was sooooo sad when she found him in the tent with their baby together, oh my gawd ;___;" I wish he didn't die so soon, they had a great love in the end. My roomie in Japan was a great fan, but she said the books are quite different from the TV series. I only watched the TV version but I really loved it <3

    To the nail color, it looks amazing!! Unfortunately we don't have any Zoya colors here, which is sad. I'd totally buy that gorgeous looking color! :D

  2. Me tooo ;.; and omg it was. I wish that they were on more! All of the Dothraki scenes were my favourite. *.* Normally I read the books first, but I haven't had the time! Ooh I can't wait to see how they're different~

    It's such a bright, sparkly colour! I think that Zoya should expand and start selling and shipping internationally. They'd probably be really successful!

  3. That color is so freaking awesome! I love the metallic shine <3

  4. this tone is just great! i love it

  5. The metallic is what drew me to it in the first place! I saw it on my friend's nails and HAD to have it haha