Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wine Party

Just finishing up a few last minute things, and then I'm ready to go! Still have to figure out what to do with my phone though. Ahh, why does taking a phone overseas have to be so confusing!

Went to a party last night with my sister. It was a wine and cheese party! Everyone brought a bottle of wine, and later in the night, everyone decorated wine glasses. I didn't. I was a bit too cheap to spend the money to do it, honestly! It was a lot of fun though watching everyone else doing it, and joking around with everyone.
I just have one picture from the party! This is me and my sister and the wine glass her friend made for her :]

I feel bad having review post after review post. It doesn't seem very fun, and it's just very repetitive. Last night was the first time I really dressed up in any way. Normally I just wear shorts and a tank top. It's really too hot for anything else right now. And that's only if I even go out. Most days it's too hot for me to bother.

So maybe a quick outfit post?

(Omg I don't know why my face is a different colour. It's not like that in person! Had to have been from my brightening on the image. It was very dark before T.T)

So that was my outfit from the party! Super simple, but I thought it was cute! I wore rings, too, but I forgot to grab a picture of them. Is there any interest in seeing more in the future?

A last input of my little prince. He's taken to climbing and just laying on top of my suitcases every night. My other cat likes to use them as a rubbing post, too! They've both claimed the suitcases as their own.

What type of things are you interested in reading from my blog? I'm worried that posting review after review would be too boring!

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