Saturday, December 31, 2011

Updates, Christmas, Gets~

So of course it's been absolutely forever since I've updated.  I can't believe a whole month has actually gone by!

Not all of this is from Christmas, but things that I've bought over time.

My sister bought me more Marc Jacob's Daisy for Christmas and my step mother got me Spin, which is a cheaper alternative to Kate Spade's Twirl (smells like grapefruit!).  I bought this cute beret at H&M when I was picking up some Christmas presents my mum asked me to pick up. (They were for me! A tote and a pair of boots.  Maybe I'll put those in the next post.  Super cute~)

 I bought this ring at H&M to accessorize a LBD I was wearing to waitress a party.  I needed more accessories because unfortunately I didn't have a silver detailed belt to wear with the dress!  I picked up these three nail polishes at Target~ They're so nice.
Left to Right: Make U Smile, Love Your Life (Heart glitter!), Snow-man of My Dreams

E.L.F mascaras that were in my stocking!  I've never used E.L.F before, but I love love love it so much!  It's currently the best mascara I've ever used!

Also got this Union Jack iPhone case, as well as an England and Wales guidebook.  Which will be super useful when I achieve one of my resolutions! (Which will be in a later post!)  I mostly got money for Christmas, to put into my savings for my future adventures in the UK.

Christmas Eve was the best.  There was a lot of food and fun and people!  We had almost as many desserts as food, and we were baking and cooking all day.  It was so nice.  Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures (none at all really!) during the night.

How was your christmas, or if you don't celebrate Christmas, did you enjoy your holidays?  Did you enjoy time with your family?  Did you get what you were hoping for?

Friday, December 30, 2011

[REVIEW] spikes and studs!

(banner not mine!)

So there's this amazing website called Studs and Spikes.  They have just about everything it seems!  A bunch of different styles of spikes and studs, as well as patches, badges, belts, wristbands and even kits to get you started!  Ohhhh, I love it so much.  I'm so in love, I've already ordered twice! 

So first, the shop. Studs and Spikes.  It's so well organized, and they have options for buying in bulk, as well as buying in smaller sizes.  There's a huge wealth of information, and they really know about their product.  I was super confident buying from them.  Their products have so many good reviews on both quality and shipping.  I couldn't be happier. They also accept paypal!  Made it all so much easier to buy.  I've recommended them to my friends, and I will keep buying from them.

Onto the product:

Here I have the:
Size 13 Silver Cone Spike
1" Silver Cone Spike
1" Thin Tree Spike
and the Standard English77 Silver Studs

I've been using the tree spikes to stud a phone case for my friend for Christmas (even though it's passed Christmas!).

It's coming along! Slowly but surely~  I just bought more spikes because I ran out!

I'm especially excited about the English77 studs.  They're to give a punk look circa '77.  Oh man, it's going to be great.  I found a Betsey Johnson denim jacket at a thrift store, and I want to pull off the sleeves to make it a vest and stud and spike and patch it!  I plan to do the same to another jacket for the same friend I'm doing the case for for her birthday!  We both have similar tastes, so I'm sure she'll love it.  I love girly looks, but I do love punk rock at the same time!