Thursday, February 7, 2013

What a doll!

I've said this before, and I'll say it again. Worst blogger ever!! I've been really busy somewhat with school work, BUT I'm very active on tumblr, instagram, and twitter. So you can always find me there!

These languages are kicking my butt. It's an intensive/fast track program meant to get us up to advanced level by fall, so we're all in overdrive.

Every Wednesday, there is a sports night on campus. It's called Sports Fed and all the teams go out to celebrate wins/losses and team bonding. Generally each team picks a theme for the night and everyone dresses up and goes out. This week, our chosen theme was dolls. I felt very doll-like with my lenses and makeup. I made my skin a bit paler, gave myself rosy pink cheeks and lips, and went for the porcelain doll look. Combined with curly hair, a baby doll dress, and a bow, I got a lot of compliments.

(this was the night before, no makeup and nail lacquer in need of serious touch up!)
I took this opportunity to use my Sleek palettes. My first time really using them. Finally made the time to really sit down and work on a look.

(I apologise for the horrible quality of the pictures, but I currently only have my phone that is capable of taking pictures.)

I mostly used the Storm palette. I really liked the shimmer of the shadows. Unfortunately, my palette didn't have a sheet of names for the colours.

I used the two browns at the very end. The darker brown for the top lid, then I lined the bottom with the golden one, which might be a bit hard to see in the pictures. I used the solid white from the Ultra Mattes Darks palette to brighten up the inner corner and highlight my brow. These palettes are just fantastic. The colours are so pigmented and smooth. I even hyped it up to my sister, and she had me send her some all the way to America! She's so in love with them.

Next week I want to be rockabilly girls and guys. It's such a cute, bold look, and I have yet to see any other team do that yet! How's that for original!! Beats all of the "Pirates", "Sailors", "Army" etc.

I've got to go study some more German. Test on Monday!!

Tschüs!! xx