Monday, November 19, 2012

London Adventure

Hello lovelies!! How have you been?

Aside from having a ton of work, I think I might have finally found a good balance between work and play. I had my first tests in German and Italian last week, and received good marks on my German test! Have yet to find out about my Italian one.

I took my first trip into London on the 7th! I went to go see An Cafe. Unfortunately, I didn't get much of a chance to explore, as I went straight to the gig, but I have plans to go back into London on the 24th of November (for ice skating and a winter wonderland in Hyde Park, Expect pictures!!), the 8th of December (for a book signing!), and the 15th of December (BIG BANG!!). Wow, a lot of trips planned!

I got to see the Tower of London and walk across the Tower Bridge! Ah it was so pretty. My friend and I went to visit her friend, and she lives in Tower Hill, so I got to see these awesome landmarks. Liverpool Station is also very pretty! Being in London reminded me exactly of being in New York. The trains and the underground certainly reminded me of it! I had no trouble at all navigating my way around the city. Do I see myself living in London in the future? Possibly!

An Cafe was so awesome! I'm so glad I finally got to see them. I've waited for this for so long!! They opened late, but fortunately I was able to skip to the head of the queue because my friend was already there! We hit the merch booth first, and I grabbed this shirt. It's got the tour dates on the back! I really wanted the hoodie as well, but I'm quite picky about how my hoodies fit, and for £40 it was also a bit out of my range. Especially because I wanted the shirt! My friend and I went up to the mezzanine level because the floor level was ridiculous. I'd rather enjoy the band then try to see over everyone else's heads! Not only that, but the mezzanine level wasn't even very high, we had a perfect view. The venue was quite small and intimate, and I locked eyes with Miku, Teruki, Takuya, and Yuuki! I even got a kissnyappy sign from Miku. Ahh I melted~ I hope they come back next year!! AND now Miku is following me on Twitter! So happy~

Also please excuse me while I flail around in excitement! Blue Gillespie has finally released the lyrics to their album Seven Rages of Man, and I got a copy! I also paid a bit extra to have it signed, especially seeing as the boys are saving up to shoot a new music video. Finally I have something signed by them! AND on the 8th, I plan to go into London again to attend a book signing by Gareth David-Lloyd. I will have his autograph on two things!

Also, has anyone else had any trouble with Disqus not integrating comments? There are comments that I can't see or reply to on Disqus, but they're there on blogger. Anyone?

Until next time!


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