Thursday, January 27, 2011

Memoboards (Inc.)

It's incomplete for now, but I started my memo board!  I chose a pink damask fabric, super cute and covered my old bulletin board.  I put two layers of batting down to give it some cushion and stretched the fabric around it and stapled into place.

and I bought pink ribbon to go across it.  Sadly, I ran out of pink ribbon, so I'm missing two strips.  I need to go back to the craft store and get some more.  I also got brads, but I've honestly never used them before, and they don't work very well.  I need to either sew some buttons on or get decorated push pins, the flat ones, maybe in white.  Either way I've got to take the brads back, even though they're super cute.  They have a little jewel on the top in clear and in pink.  I wish I could keep them, but I don't do any sort of paper crafting, so I have no use for brads.

I can't wait until I finish and mount! 

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