Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Updates and Giveaways!

I need to get super better at updating!  Hopefully I'll get on that soon.  I found a blog challenge that I think will be fun to do, but I want to wait until I get my hair cut tomorrow to start it.  I want to start with a fresh new look!

I also got some more of my smashbox precision pen liner, so if I get a chance, I would really like to do a review on it.

I also have a pair of Hana SPC Hyper Circle Brown lenses coming to me from Shoppingholics.  I can't find anywhere what they look like on light eyes (I hope they look good!).  So I want to do a review on those for other people like me who have light eyes!  I hope they look good.  I'm not too sure that they will, but I hope I'm wrong.  I don't think they will look natural on me, but i've seen a lot of reviews of them on darker eyes and they look gorgeous~  We'll see how it turns out! 

Onto my next reason for blogging!  I stumbled across this giveaway while on Tumblr, and I'd like to share it as well as enter!  It's open internationally and the link is here Giveaway!

It has Dollywink lashes, a cute chocolate shaped compact mirror, a Dollywink eyelash case, and a fringe holder for when you're doing your makeup!  I've been dying to try Dollywink product, so this is awesome!

I also found a website that has a ton of makeup products that ship here to the US!  They carry Dollywink, so I've bookmarked it, and when it's time for some new makeup (or when I have money~) I want to buy from there.  I want to buy the Dollywink liquid liner in Deep Black.  I'm surprised at the price!  It's so cheap, with shipping, it comes to about $18~.  I paid $22 for my Smashbox liner, so if from what I've heard from the reviews is true, I'll hopefully get an eyeliner that works the way I need it to for a cheaper price than my Smashbox!  It might last a little longer, too, I hope.  I think my Smashbox lasted maybe 2 months before it dried out.  I'm hoping it's because I might have left it open for too long while I was using it or messing around with it.  We'll see how long this current one lasts. 

I'm also going to get to work on this layout.  I just changed the background, but the bow looks a bit out of place, doesn't it?  I really love the background though, and it's currently what I'm using as my lappy's background!  It's so gorgeous and vintage, isn't it beautiful? 

Another thing to add to my to-do list.  I had a mini shopping haul at Urban Outfitters (well maybe not a haul, 4 or 5 things?) and I'll post about them eventually.  Especially considering it was two weeks ago!

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