Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mini Haul

So I got some new batteries for my camera (I really should look into getting rechargeable ones) so I figured now is a good a time as any to share my mini haul!

I went to Tampa the other week.  I want to say maybe two weeks ago?  And my grandfather gave me his credit card to buy myself something nice as a Christmas gift.  My friend and I went to Urban Outfitters. I haven't been in one so long and I found things that I loved. I originally went to just get a black cardigan to replace my H&M one that I wore to threads, but of course I found other things that I wanted! Dekko.gif

This box is amazing.  I got it for $28, which is its retail price, I believe.  It has 72 eye shadows, 8 face colors (which are mixed in with the eyeshadows), 6 lip colors, 4 blushers, a highlighter, concealer, powder, and bronzer.  I've only used a very little bit so far (a couple of eyeshadows, the highlighter and the pink blusher.  But so far, it's definitely my favorite makeup, along with my Revlon photoready makeup. Dekko.gif

Super cute Hello Kitty compact!  It was an awesome deal, too, because it was on clearance for around $2! 

I love this sweater.  I always pair it with my high waist shorts and flats and it looks so cute!  This was on sale, too~

This dress is my new favorite.  It's long sleeve and it's black so it's a bit too hot to wear sometimes, but it's great because I have to wear all black to work, so when I'm feeling cute and super girly and want to wear a dress, this is perfect!  It was on sale, too, and I got an extra discount because the seam was ripped at the bottom of a zipper.  A super easy fix for me, and an extra 10% off! 

The skirt is my favorite. Dekko.gif  it's so floaty and it has a lot of movement.

Excuse my clothing!  After the dress I changed into my jammies.

I actually did get the cardigan!  It's so soft and comfy.  The only thing that I don't like about it, is that it has no pockets! When I'm at work, I like to put my radio in my pocket instead of on my waistband, so that my top doesn't ride up.  This one wasn't on sale though.  It was full price, but definitely worth it!

That's all for my mini haul at Urban Outfitters.


Thursday, I went back to where I used to live, about an hour and a half north.  That's a bit beside the point.  My bestie and I went to see a movie before she had to go to work.  We saw The Roommate.  It was sooooo good, but we're still a little confused as to whether she was trying to be her, be her friend, be her lover, or be her sister.  We're not very clear.

After that, I did a bit of shopping and found a pair of shoes I absolutely fell in love with.  I had a gift card, so it's not like I spent a lot! (I've been trying to cut down on spending as a part of my new years resolutions, it's working! Kind of Dekko.gif)

Anyway, they're LC by Lauren Conrad and they're so comfy, and really high and just plain black suede.  I have black heels, but they're peep toe, and then I have a kiltie type shoe.  But no plain black shoes!  It's a staple!  How could I not have had it before?! 

Sorry my floor is like that, I've got to get it with the steam mop when I have off work next~


and finally, my mummy bought me a lucky bamboo for Valentines Day!  I love it, it's all curly at the top and it's starting to sprout.  I hope I manage to not kill it, I can be forgetful sometimes. Dekko.gif

and I leave you with that! 

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