Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Review: EOS Max Pure Gray 14.5 mm

This is my first pair of circle lenses, and I absolutely love them!  I wanted to go with something that would enhance my natural color as a start (which is anywhere from green, to blue, to gray) before I went with something that was say pink or black. 

 I ordered them from Shoppingholics.  I was very impressed with the service they provided.  When I put through my order, and it redirected from paypal, it told me payment failed, but paypal said it went through.  I emailed them, and I got back an immediate response.  Very efficient!  The website says that shipping can take anywhere from 7-21 days.  Mine came in 11 days.  It feels like longer, but that's because I've just been so excited about it.  I'm so glad that they came so quickly!  I definitely thought it would take longer because it was coming from Malaysia, which is so far from here! 

I came home to my package!  So very exciting.

Inside everything was wrapped together in a cute little bag!

It says "because I want to see your face with a smile."

Included, I got a cute little animal lens case,  I want to say it's a little piggy.  And it's blue, which is my favorite color!

I also got a thank you card for buying!

So thoughtful!

They also included an eye patch mask to rejuvenate eyes!  One day when I have a lot of free time, I'm going to use them to help relax~

My contacts came wrapped up super nice and tight with layers of bubble wrap and tape.  It was crazy hard trying to get them unwrapped! 

Buuuut I did, and they came in this cute little box.

(yes -4.00.  I'm like blind!)

Now onto the actual contacts.

It's my first time ever having circle lenses, but I wear contacts normally.  My base curve is 8.3 so I wasn't sure how the 8.6 would fit, but they're actually just fine and super comfortable.  They stay in place and the don't irritate my eyes.  My normal contacts are 14mm and these are 14.5mm, so I can definitely see some enlargement.

You can definitely see the difference.

Aaaaand a picture of them both in :3

Later on, I'll probably edit this whole post with better pictures, but I just really wanted to do this noooow~

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