Monday, February 21, 2011

Sephora Shopping

I've been looking at the Hello Kitty line from Sephora since it came out.  I'm determined to get everything that they have at some point, but what I really want is the makeup brushes.  Mum said that she'll get them for my birthday!  Anyway, today was a day filled with Hello Kitty.

First mum and I went to go look at a car for me, but sadly, the dealership sold it on Thursday!  Why have it advertised online if you don't even have it?  So that was a bust, but we did go to the mall afterward, and I was able to go to Sephora and get some cosmetics to treat myself.  We also went to Greenwise, and I got some yummy chocolate digestives.  Hobnobs to be exact!  I'm so excited about it.  I've been dying to try them, so I'm going to have a couple with my tea tonight.  

Ok!  So Sephora shopping.  I decided for now to leave it to some nailpolish and an eyeliner.  Before I bought my Smashbox liner again, I almost bought the Hello Kitty eyeliner. I went back for it.  I wanted to get more, but I only had around $80 with me after having paid off some bills. Still plenty to buy some though.

I love pastel colors, and that's what the colors are in this line.  I bought two today.


bubble gum

I want to review them at a later date.

I also bought eyeliner

in Goodnight Dreams, which is black

After Sephora, we walked around the mall for a bit.  We went to Teavana to get some tea, but decided against it, and of course Teavana has to be close to the Sanrio store.  So of course I had to stop in.  There were a lot of super cute things, especially back in the sale section.  (Of course there's always cute things!).  A lot of the sale things were for the home, which is awesome!  Because in a few months, I'll be leaving for school and will need to outfit my apartment!  It's practically perfect timing.  I'm thinking I can expect those on my birthday! 

Anyway, I stumbled across these nails.  They're just press-on but they have 3D decoration.  I've never actually seen that in press-on nail packs.  They had to sets.  A super cute gold and silver set with desserts and chocolate and another set that was blue and red and had music notes.  I got the desserts and chocolate~

My camera didn't want to cooperateDekko.gif

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