Sunday, April 3, 2011

Review: Princess Mimi Sesame Gray 15mm and

I bought these lenses from eyecandylens this time, as opposed to shoppingholics, like my last two lenses.  I want to review the website first!  Navigation was super easy.  You can search for lenses by brand, series, or color, which I really liked because I was looking specifically for the Princess Mimis, and I didn't want to have to look through pages upon pages to find them.  Ordering was super easy, and I like that it was through paypal, not just through my credit card.  When I ordered, they were donating part of the profits to earthquake relief for Japan.  That was actually a big reason why I bought from them! They also have a ton of different brands. Geo, Dueba, Neo Vision, Vassen, EOS, and others.

Anyway, I did communicate with them through email, once, and the response was very prompt.  I didn't realize that to donate to the earthquake relief fund, I needed to put the option in my shopping basket, so I emailed to see if I could get it added onto my order, and it was no problem!   The sellers were very polite and the process was so easy.  I think I'm definitely going to be ordering again.  As soon as I can find a pair that I like that comes in a power.  I've noticed that a lot of Geos don't come in power.

The shipping was good as well!  I ordered my lenses on the 14th and I got them the 26th. So about the same amount of time as ordering from shoppingholics.

The vials came super bubblewrapped.  I didn't take a picture of that though.  I was just way way way too excited and ripped into it. 

They're Geos, so they have that authentication code thing on the bottom so you can check if they're actually from Geo, and not a fake.

anyway, onto the lenses
They're so gorgeous :3 I do wish that I got the Apple Greens though, because when these are on, they look a lot like my Max Pure Grays.  The difference is these are just a bit lighter and they're bigger than my Max Pure Grays.  They blend really well with my eyes, so unless you're really close, it's hard to notice the difference.  I've gotten a lot of comments from various people that they like these better though!
They're still super comfortable, and I'm really surprised they don't slip!  If they do, it's definitely not noticeable. These ones are bigger not only 15mm to the Max Pure Gray's 14.5mm, but they're 8.7bc while the Max Pure Grays are 8.6bc.  My eyes are 8.3bc, so these are practically huge!  I haven't had any issues with my eyes getting dry or with them stinging my eyes, but I've heard Geos are comfortable, so I wasn't expecting a problem.

I don't know what else! Picture spam? :3

They look similar!  Princess Mimi on the left and Max Pure Gray on the right!

aaaand I bought new glasses. My first pair of window glasses!  I loooove them :3 

Color: 10/10
Design: 9/10 (they look very similar to my Max Pure Gray while worn)
Comfort: 10/10
Enlargement: 10/10

These are definitely a favorite.  This series is so pretty.  I want the green and the almond!  I might buy them soon!
Get them from EyeCandyLens!  They're on sale right now!

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