Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 11: Your family pet(s)- if you don't have one, take a picture of anything.

I'm just going to skip around~
Day 11: Your family pet(s)- if you don't have one, take a picture of anything.

I've got three dogs and two cats~  They don't get along ㅋㅋㅋ.  My cats stay in my bedroom with me almost all the time but sometimes we can close the door to the back of the house and let them roam a bit.  The reason they don't get along is my cats are around 10 years old and the dogs are young. One is 5, but the other is around 3.  And they both have a lot of energy.  The last one is around 14 now.  He gets along with my cats just fine~


These are my fatties.  I'm not sure what type of cats they are.  I got them from the shelter when they were little kittens!  I do know that the one on the left is part Maine Coon, but I don't know what else, especially because these two are littermates!  They have the same parents~ but they're so different.  

The giant fluffy one is Jeter.  He's my cat officially, my mum got him for me.  The one on the right is Clemens, and he's technically my sister's cat, but there's no way we could separate them, so I kept them.  I love them so much.  They sleep with me every night.

These are two of my dogs.  The golden is Cory, and the german shepherd is Bruiser.  They're just playing~ keke Cory is so big, he's practically like a bear!  And Bruiser is still pretty much a puppy.  These two drive me absolutely nuts.  We live on a golf course.  Every day these two goons are out in the back running back and forth along the fence barking their fool heads off.  They bark like mad in the house, too~  We don't have carpet so it echoes everywhere!  But I still love them
Bruiser never stays still for a picture~ keke

and last but not least~
My old man~  His name is Thunder, short for Thunderbird Ford.  My sister is creative, no? keke Anyway, he's my favorite.  He's been in the family since I was 6~ and we've had him since he was the cutest little round nosed puppy.  He's around 14 now, which is old for a big dog!  He's still kickin' though and doing his best to keep up.  I swear, when I take him out he drags me down the street!  He's strong for such an old man~ He gets along with my cats, too keke and sometimes he comes to lay in my bedroom.  The cats love him and will lay right up against him.  It's the cutest thing ever~

Also~ I think that my Pen Pal liner is starting to go.  It seems like the pigment is fading~  It's lasted quite a while, so I'm super glad, but that means I'll be using my Dolly Wink liner, so expect a review, soon!

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