Sunday, May 1, 2011

I shop too much.

Hmmm, so I shop a lot apparently, but anyway~ that's not the only purpose of this post!

I had orientation this weekend for school.  It was boring.  I've already been to two other orientations for college, and they kept saying this one would be different.  It wasn't.  I stayed while they went over the first portion, then they let us pick which info sessions we wanted to go to, and they wanted us to go to three.  I went to one, the study abroad session, and skipped out on the rest.  I took a long lunch :3 then went back for the second half, and advising.  I signed up for two classes for the summer.  I wanted more, but those were the only classes still open.  Buuuut!  I only need about ~16 classes before I'm finished with my degree.  

Anywaaaay so after orientation my friend and I went to this art show the school was putting on for the seniors.  It was an um...interesting experience.  I'd like to leave the first part of it as I've seen more of a girl than I've ever wanted to, and I hope I never have to see it again.

Aside from that, the second half of the art show was pretty cool.
It actually worked, too!  It obviously went in a circle, it was supposed to be a carousel.  That was my favorite part of the night.  The rest of it, I was a bit uncomfortable.  Parties aren't really my scene, and I'm uncomfortable around a lot of people.  I played twitter trivia with Block B Intl kkkk

Aaaand my bestie and I went shopping~  to Urban of course!
My friend Nicky got a cute sweater there with his sister some time ago, and I fell in love with it, but at my Urban, they didn't have anything smaller than a large.  A guy's large.  I need like a guy's extra-small.  BUT, I found it at this Urban and immediately snatched it up!  It was the only xs~
It's my favorite.  Soooooo soft, and it looks cute with shorts and my white converse.  (which those are new, too) 

I also got a cute dress.
My first dress of the summer season this year~
The back is my favorite, it's got a cut out and a bow tied on top of it.  Sadly, that's a really awkward position and I can't get a good picture of it, sooooo~ 

that's what it looks like

super on sale.  $5.  New favorite hat~

my bestie gave me these~  they're from Topshop and she got them in London lucky girl. I want to go to London so bad~ 

I bought these not too long ago~  Two for the price of one.  I don't remember if I've already blogged about it.  It pays to be able to wear youth sizes~

I now have them in white as well~

Aaaaand last but not least~
I finally got my hands on BB 4.5~ I was so excited driving home today knowing that this was waiting for me!

it's so beautiful ㅠ.ㅠ

You push where the CD is, and it pops out!  One of my favorite things about it.  The packaging is so clever!

The CD book is a photobook/lyrics full of 100 pages of Big Bang deliciousness~ 

I'm honestly not sure what this is!  My Korean isn't strong enough yet~

The YG Family card I got!  I think Daesung-ah's picture is the sexiest out of everyone else's with Tabi at a close second.  I traded him though for the super sexy mini4 Tabi

and of course it came with a poster.  I'm not sure if I'll put it up, yet, but Tabi and Panda look great!

aaaand that's the end of this post~ 

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