Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cases Cases and More Cases!

I might have gotten a little carried away when buying cases for my phone. After all, I can't use them all at the same time! I just saw them, and I needed to have them. It's certainly added a lot to my collection, and it was so nice to come home every other day and there'd be a package in the mail box!

On the left are the new cases I've bought, and the right are the cases I've had!

The only thing I don't like about some of them is they don't cover up far enough. The English Pound one and the Silver and Black Pyramid case both don't cover up a little further to protect the bumper. Though I suppose it is doing it's job, I mean the bumper is there to protect the screen! I have other cases though, that cover up a little further, so the bumper is protected. I still love them so so much!

And today has just been a good day all around! My favourite band Blue Gillespie released their second album, VII R.O.M. on the 4th and I've just received mine! I preordered it last month and I'm so glad it's finally gotten here. I actually haven't taken the shirt off all day. I'm so so happy that it's here!

It's got a great, interesting concept, and if you like progressive metal, think about giving them a try! Also, officially the coolest design ever!


  1. So many awesome cases!! I really like them! Where did you buy them?


  2. I ordered almost all of them off of amazon :3  Except for the bottom three on the right photo!  Those are hand customised, from American Eagle, and from a flea market respectively!

  3. Oh I have to check the band out! I'm a huge fan of "In Flames" so maybe that could also be something for me :>
    Plus, the cases are so cute! If I had an iPhone I could never decide which case to have ><

  4. Ooh I've never heard of In Flames!  I'll be sure to check them out :3  and yeah definitely check them out!  They've also done some blues covers and made them more metal-y and it's just fantastic.

    Not going to lie, the cases are why I decided to get an iPhone!  I'm forever buying new cases, now though.  There are so many everywhere! 

  5. haha wow!! you do have a lot of phone cases lol. I have the cat one in the second picture, but in black! the white is really cute too. but really...they're all adorable!

  6. Cute!  I want the black one, and it's on my list :3 

  7.  Soo I checked them out and it's awesome! Like it a lot! You're the first person I've met on the internet so far who has the same taste in music as I do. What are your favorite bands if you'd like to share with me :)

    Lol some friends of mine also only wanted the iphone because of the numerous cases you can get for it!

  8. I'm glad you like them!  They're still not super popular or mainstream, so it's nice to be able to share them with others :3  Oh I don't mind sharing!  My taste is super eclectic and all over the place and I'm open to listening to just about anything!  (Aside from country and folk.  I'm not too into those) I'm more into punk music and psychobilly than anything else right now (Blue Gillespie the exception!).  Bands like the Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, The Creepshow, Zombie Ghost Train, Mad Sin etc.  Those are my favourites right now, but it changes so often! 

    I listened to In Flames.  They sound different from other metal bands I've heard in the past and I like them!  Any other bands that you like? :D 

    Cases are so addicting! OTL There's just so many cute ones you can get, and a lot of the time they're so inexpensive! 

  9. That's good!  That makes two of us.  My music taste is all over the place.  I've heard of Merry, but I haven't listened to them I don't think!  I've heard of Rammstein!  I've listened to them some when I was in high school, too :3 

    That would be a lot of fun and a great way to share music! I'll send you my address in an email and vice versa? :3

  10. Yay I'm looking forward to it! (: You can find my email on my sidebar on the left, don't wanna type it here, I already get a looot of spam everyday! >__< Oh I'll include my favorite Merry songs then if you like :D I think it'll take me some time until I decide which music to choose, have to think carefully :3

  11. No worries about the time!  I will take my time to pick good songs for you, too.

    I sent you my address, so I hope you get it!