Sunday, April 22, 2012

My First Docs!

Finally! My first real Docs. I've had a dupe pair, once upon a time, but they showed wear so fast and started to fall apart so I had to get rid of them. Unfortunately. They were so cute! Pale pink.

My mum picked these up at a thrift store! I actually asked her to go back and get them. She texted me about them while I was in class, and I wasn't able to respond so she left without them! There's no way I was passing them up though, and I begged her to go back!

They're practically like new! They look and feel as if they haven't been worn at all. Which unfortunately means they need to be broken in. I'm prepared for it, though. I can't wait!

Just solid black! But everyone can use a pair of solid black Docs! Though this pair brings my number of black combat style boots up to 3, and black boots in general up to 6. Black boots are just so versatile!
I'm going to leave them this way for while, but maybe in the future I'll spike or stud them! Or maybe I'll just buy another pair in the future and spike and stud them.

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