Friday, June 29, 2012


It seems like lately everyone has been revamping their blogs. Jumping on the bandwagon now! I think I had the same theme since I first started writing on this blog, BUT NO MORE. The header and background are from The Cutest Blog on the Block mostly because I've been way too lazy (and not on my laptop often enough) to create a new header and background, so that will come later! This for now. I thought it was cute! I don't know what to put in the left space on the header though. Any ideas?

I haven't really been able to do much this week. Been helping mum get our house in shape. So much painting. I never want to paint another door in my life! I've also put myself on a spending freeze (though I have spent some). I need to save every penny I have for England! Yahey! I haven't been online much at all, either (mostly because we've been out of town getting the house together). Been taking a nice break from constantly being on my laptop, and it's been quite nice! I've had time to sit down and start reading again and catch up on my letters!

I suppose the only really exciting things that have happened have been the arrival of my lenses, the shorts my mum bought me, and altering my dress.

L-R: Princess Mimi Apple Green, Princess Mimi Sesame Grey, Nudy Grey

This is the greatest amount of Geos that I've ever had! Normally the styles I like don't come in power (or a strong enough power) for me! I'm not going to open them just yet because I have two pairs open already, and I haven't really been wearing them. Don't have many opportunities to get really dressed up and wear my lenses day to day like I did when I had classes. These lenses (except the sesame grey) will get reviewed later on, but for right now, they're going to stay sealed.

Mum picked up these shorts for me today! She surprised me with them. They're so cute. I love the plaid and how the pockets are meant to extend passed the hem. :3 They're really comfortable but a little snug. :X Just shows me that I've gotten a little too comfortable since I've been home. Need to whip myself back into shape!

I've also finally started altering my lace dress to fit me. I've taken up the hem so far (still need to put in another row of stitches), and I just need to take in the sides, and it should fit right.

I want to tentatively say that my next post might be a skin care post (more bandwagon jumping!) but at the same time, I do have a BB Cream and some nail lacquer reviews drafted, they just need pictures and they're ready to go.


  1. I like your new theme! I guess a picture would be best for the left space or maybe more than one little picture like a collage? I have a layout from their site as well on my German blog :) I am excited for all the lenses you are going to show! ^_^ I hope you and your mom can get things get done soon!

  2. Maybe a picture of yourself? Or a picture of something that explains more about you? Like Sam said, a collage would be good! >w<
    And those shorts are so cute! The plaid pattern is pretty! ^3^

  3. Thank you! I'll figure something to put in it. I thought a picture at first but it was so much work! haha so maybe a collage would be better.

    We finally finished! So much work~ But that means now I can finish your CD

  4. I'm thinking a collage of something! Don't know what yet because I want it to be related to this blog, too. :3

    Thank you! They're my new favourite shorts. They're so comfy and soft~

  5. I would do a pic of your favorite things or something!! I think I am going to redo my blog layout as well!!!

  6. Sam and Josephine suggested that, too! Now I'm just trying to decide what I want to put up there :3

    Have fun redoing your blog! It's fun isn't it?!

  7. I'm excited to finish it haha just got to get off my lazy bum and do it!

    Aren't they so cute? I've worn them so much already!