Friday, June 22, 2012

[REVIEW] Dueba DM-23 Kira Kira Pink

Saw these on Lulu's blog and absolutely fell in love with them. I've been dying for some pink lenses, and well, I finally got them!

Power Available : 0.00 to -10.00
Life Span : 1 Year
B.C : 8.6mm
Diameter : 14.5mm. Effect up to 16mm
Origin: South Korea
This model is manufactured by Dueba and labelled under DollyEye watermark.
I think I expected the pink to reach a little further to the centre than it does, but they're still gorgeous. I love this colour so much.

In the case the pink looks pastel, but like it might still be vibrant? I have light eyes, so I hope it'll show up nicely.

And post that last sentence, I have since worn them. For a pink lens, they blend quite naturally, which is a bit disappointing. It's difficult to see the pink of the lens, and ends up making my colour look like a light natural brown (so I've been told by a friend). Not what I was looking for in a pink lens. I was really hoping for something a little more vibrant and noticeable.

Natural Light (Sunlight)

Indoor Light


Enlargement: 5/5
Very noticeable enlargement because of the thick, black limbal ring. The enlargement was one of my main reasons for buying these lenses.

Comfort: 5/5
These lenses are so comfortable. I'd go so far as saying these are almost as comfortable as my Princess Mimis.

Colour/Design: 3/5
I was hoping these would be a bit more vibrant than they are. I also thought the design would go more toward the centre than it does. Unfortunately it doesn't, and the colour isn't too noticeable.

Overall Thoughts:
These lenses are really comfortable, and they're quite enlarging; which I like. I was quite disappointed with the colour and the design, and that's something that will keep me from buying them again in the future. Unless of course my taste changes over time, and I start to like more subtle lenses. Right now, I doubt I would buy them again, but I really couldn't ask for more comfortable lenses.

Oh what is my face doing in these pictures, ha. I wanted to take a picture with my bb, but he just didn't want to stay! He jumped off my lap right after that picture.

I've also got two vials of Princess Mimi unopened and a pair of Nudys on their way to me, so I'll review those at some point, too! I ordered Princess Mimi Cafe Macchiato, too, but unfortunately they went out of stock before they could ship to me, so it got cancelled! For the best I suppose, I have enough lenses, for now!

You can buy them at Lens Village!

Also, please feel free to share tips to better my blog and reviews! They're always welcome. I took Sam's advice to use kohl and mascara on my bottom lashes, does it look better? :3


  1. I was just wearing these today! I agree with you they are super comfy >.< I guess they are a more natural pair of pink lenses since they turn my eyes brown and the pink doesn't really show. I was looking at the Barbie King circle lenses in pink the other day and they're super vibrant, I direct you towards them since you wanted less natural pink lenses~

  2. Ooh I will take a look at them! I always hear such good things about the Barbie King series. I've never seen pink though~ I'll have to hunt those down.

    Thanks for letting me know about them~

  3. No problem I saw them on Eki's blog

    and I fell in love with them xD

  4. Ohh these look good on you! :D I think pink lenses are weird but I like these ones (maybe because the pink really isn't that obvious I guess...) and your eyes look so huuuge. The make-up looks way better than last time I personally think, it's way better balanced this way, good job! :) Haha and the last picture is a bit creepy as if you want to eat your pet! xD ( is it a cat? or a rabbit? can't really tell from the pic.)

  5. Thank you! Looking back at these lenses they kind of remind me of Max Pure Grey. They're a bit similar looking from far away because the pink is so unnoticeable.

    And thank you for the advice! I used to use kohl and mascara for my bottom lashes, but it would always end up making me look like a raccoon so I stopped. It didn't this time, though, so I had to have done something different!

    He's a cat! A big fluffy thing :3

  6. Yeah if you put black on your bottom line of the eye it always smudge at some point of the day... I use Maybelline Gel Liner for a year now and that's the shit!! It lasts suuuper long esp. on the bottom line and I barely have to clean my make-up under my eye, I highly recommend it if you have problems with that :)

    What's his name? I also have a cat, he's a grandfather now and looks like a Sumo :D

  7. You look so beautiful on the photos :D <3 wow!

  8. the pink lenses look so lovely on you! especially with your light eyes :)

  9. I have a YSL Gel Liner but I always just use it on the top. I'll give it a try on the bottom!

    His name is Jeter :3 aww I love cats! What's your cat's name? :D

  10. Depending on the liner it could work maybe! :) Mine is waterproof so its natural that it lasts good even on the bottom line. My mother was a great fan of Titanic when we got him so his name is Leonardo XD Although we only call him Leo. Jeter is a cool name, never heard before! :D

    BTW I changed the url of my blog and it seems nobodys getting my newsfeed so maybe you'd need to defollow and then refollow me again to get it again, I'm sorry .____."" Blogger didn't warn me about such things! >_<"

  11. Mine's waterproof, too, so I'll give it a try next time! Aw :3 that's so cute! Mine's named after a baseball player. Jeter is his last name!

    I wasn't getting any updates from you on my feed, but I fixed it :3

  12. Oh my god so glad to find a review about the contac lens I adore them can not wait to buy a pair love this post and your blog following you hope you follow me back, the contact lens looks amazing on you dear much love Virgit.

  13. Thank you! I've come to love these lenses. I still prefer bold lenses, but these have wormed their way into my heart!

    Checked out your blog, love your outfits!