Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Skin Care Routine

I've recently made a change in my skin care routine. While I always washed my face in the morning and at night, as well as used both night and day moisturiser, my skin continued to get worse after I moved home. Moving back south the weather is much more humid and heavy, and after living further north for the past year, my skin certainly hasn't been used to such humidity. Mum also seems to think that I must have acquired an allergy to some of the ingredients in my old product. So it was time for a switch. Since then I've noticed a great improvement!

I use the Moisturising Face Wash, Soothing Facial Toner, Vital Vitamin Day Moisturiser, and Vital Vitamin Night Moisturiser.

I really love how Simple the packaging is. The product feels light and smells clean. It doesn't have any perfumes or harsh irritants. Basically, I'm in love. My skin looks and feels so much better. I'm OK with leaving the house with just moisturiser, and my skin is so soft, I really just want to touch it all day, but I won't because that will just be bad. I'm also considering buying the hydrating moisturiser to use on days that I don't go out. It feels silly to use the day moisturiser that's so packed with SPF when I'm just going to be inside all day!


I love using masks. They're so difficult to find around here. I was lucky to find some of these at Forever 21 up at school, and Sam sent me some! I'm going to have to get some more, soon! I love to use the masks in the bath and just relax or stretch out on my bed and put my earbuds in and listen to some music!

I also use the Smoothing Face Wash. But only once a week. Don't want to over exfoliate! It's very gentle, though, which is so nice. :3 I really enjoy washing my face now, to be honest. Before it felt like such a chore because I never saw any results or felt the difference, but wow now I do!

Wow haha feel so vulnerable with a picture of me completely bare-faced on here. Excuse my super huge dark circles, what is sleep? Ha.

Such a big difference from what I used to see. :3


  1. great skincare~ I really need to go out and try those Simple products. The all natural ones are my fav because you don't haev to worry about allergies, I remember a couple years ago my cousin bought a face mask and she was allergic to some ingredient in it and she broke out in hives >.>

  2. They really are great products. I want to recommend them to everyone!

    D: That's horrible! I hope it cleared up fast~

  3. Good job on finding a product that works really good on you - I'm still searching, haha! ^^
    Oh hey, you need to high-5 me about dark circles! Haha, I'm so bad at sleeping! >3<

  4. Oh you have a new design, like that as well! Although it really reminds me of autumn because of the color and the leaves! :)

    I'm glad you like using masks, I thought I just include as much as I can get for the shipping fee XD I love the strawberry one ^__^ I still have very much trouble with my skin but it got better since I use the oatmeal and only water to take care of my skin.. I hate to be so cautious about my skin though ;A; I'm glad you could fix the issues you had with your skin :)

  5. I tried so hard to think of some sort of collage to make to put in the other header but I just couldn't come up with anything! I couldn't leave it blank, so I changed it ha. :3 Thank you! Haha I know it's summer but well Roundstone Woods makes me think of...well...woods so why not use leaves and fall colours! (though I didn't intend the colours to be like fall, I just really like deep reds and pinks!)

    I'm glad the oatmeal and water is working for you! I want to give that a try sometime but we don't have just plain oatmeal in the house. I wonder maybe with the change in climate of you going home if that would make a change in your skin? Either way, cautious is always better, even if it is such a pain sometimes.

    Thanks :3 it's not fixed yet, but it's definitely getting there! Every day I notice a difference!