Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Car, New Apartment, New Location

I haven't been online much at all this week.  I've been scrambling around, packing, searching for a car, more packing, then moving.  Finally I can sit down and breathe!  I just moved today for school, which starts on the 27th!  It doesn't seem like I was gone for that long, but there's so many blog posts that I have to read and comment on!  Puuuu~ Hopefully my roommate and I can get the cable guy out here sometime in the next couple of days and get our internet connected [I'm using my phone, right now.] 

Anyway, just wanted to quickly update!  I have to do it whenever I think of it, otherwise I'll forget all about it, and never update ever. T.T That's what's happened in the past. 

Anyway, we're still decorating our apartment, so no pictures of that just yet, but I do have pictures of my car!  It's a 2006 Chevy Cobalt, and it's so cute!  It's a really pretty purple/gray called Mountain Amethyst.

Honestly, this post is mostly just a pic spam, but an update nonetheless.  Hopefully we can finish decorating the apartment soon, and I'll have an update about that, then a couple of reviews. Under the cut are pictures of my car, if you're interested! I'm really proud of myself because I didn't borrow any money from my parents!

Sadly, I don't have power windows ;.; oh well, I'll get them added in :D

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