Monday, October 22, 2012


Hello my loves. Am I officially the worst blogger to ever exist? I've been swamped with coursework (Uni has officially started!), sick for a week and a half (the worst!!), and experiencing uni life properly.

I've been having a lot of fun and have met a lot of awesome people!

I've even joined a sports team! These are some of the girls (and guy) on my team. Every Wednesday is Sports Fed and all the teams have their own theme and we go out and celebrate wins or losses (games are on Wednesdays) or we just go out to bond and socialise!

If anyone ever tells you you should live on campus your first year, do it. You won't regret it.

I also made my first purchases at Top Shop. I bought studded loafers and just a plain oversized navy tee. The loafers are my favourite of course. I wear them almost every day!

On the 3rd I'm going to go to Stonehenge and Bath so I will have to remember to take plenty of pictures there! There's also a Pendulum event on Thursday that I'm so excited for. I can't wait to go!

Until next time, my loves. I will do my best to post more.



  1. Wow that sounds really exciting! I didn't really post properly until I was about half a year in Japan. Its just that you're flooded with experiences and you have no time and space in your head for trivial things like this blog, I totally understand that :) But the pictures look great, it seems you already integrated well and have a good time over there. Btw, how long to you plan on living in the UK..? And Stonehenge! Oh how I'd love to go there once.. :)

  2. I keep trying to remember to take pictures, but I ALWAYS forget! I'm having a great time :] and I'll be here for 3 years. I'll have one year abroad (maybe half in Germany and half in Italy!)

    Ah well now I'm missing out on the Stonehenge/Bath trip, but hopefully I'll be able to go on the next trip.