Monday, November 14, 2011

To The Races!

I went home this weekend.  Such a great break from preparing for exams and writing papers. The semester is almost over, I can't wait!  Anyway, when I went home, I splurged and bought the new 4S.  I love it so much. :3  Have yet to get a case for it, couldn't find one I liked in store, so I ordered a couple online.  Hopefully they come in the next couple of days.  I'm so paranoid about my phone.  Definitely don't have the money to fix it if it breaks!

My grandfather was in town, and as it always is when he's in town, we go eat somewhere posh.  We went to the kennel club to go bet on the dogs, and had lunch at the restaurant while we were there.  It was nice.  The tables were set with proper settings, and one wall was just windows so you could see the track. 

My mum and i pooled what cash we had on us ($11) and placed bets throughout lunch.

Those are our losing tickets! Boo!  We bet on seven races and we had a losing streak of four.  BUT we won our last three races.  It was fun.

Lunch was so good, too.  My mum ordered a lobster salad wrap, but I got a grilled grouper sandwich with fresh fruit on the side.

Lunch was so good.  I want to go there again! 

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