Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Well, I suppose it's not vacation anymore, seeing as I just got back!  I went to NY for the week to meet up with some friends, do some shopping, and blow off some steam from school.  It feels like it's been ages since I've been on, and I have so many blog posts to read and comment on, and so many posts to finish writing.

I will eventually get that BB Cream review up.  I got a bit distracted I'll admit when I finished midterms and finally classes.

I didn't get any pictures with my friends while in NY, and I'm so mad, because I brought my camera!  But I went shopping pretty much every day, and New York is always my favorite, because there's literally like 3 huge H&Ms within a few blocks distance of each other.  So so so much shopping.

These lace shoes I bought a while ago from Forever21.

The only thing I don't like about this dress is how thin the fabric is!  While it's great for the heat, the fabric is so so thin that it's very sheer.  A bit of a pain.  That and when it wrinkles, and it wrinkles easily, it shortens.  When I pulled it out of the wash, I almost cried because I thought I shrank it, but I dried it with no heat, so there's no way!  After ironing it, it was the same length  as the first time I wore it.  It's not as short as it looks though! 

I love the cardigan with the elbow patches, and the ML on the baseball jacket is actually purple!

Of course, now seeing it in pictures it seems like I bought so little!

Stopped at the bookstore and picked up some magazines as well.

Ranzuki, Egg, Popteen, and Cutie

We also went to K-Town, both in the city and in Flushing.  K-Town in the city was mostly BBQ places, Karaoke bars, very small boutiques, a few bookstores and dessert places.  Still a lot of fun!  We ended up going there twice.  We went to Queen's Crossing in Flushing and then wandered around Flushing Main St. for a bit, but we didn't really see anything else that caught our attention.  All I bought in Queen's Crossing was two shirts, from a cute little boutique called Jinhas.  

I ended up spending my last couple of days in Connecticut with my family.  It was nice and relaxing!  Kind of cool though!  No one told me!  All I had with me was a dress and some shorts and tanks! 

Best of all, when I got home, I had some packages waiting for me!  Almost all of my school books, but also these!

Bison Bakkanto in Moroccan Lava and Rose Champagne. 
I'm so excited to try them after seeing Jenny's post on bath salts.

Classes are starting again.  I've already gotten tons of my school books, and I still have more to get!  Though, I should be able to update somewhat regularly because the fall semester isn't as fast paced as the summer.  Next post will be that BB Cream review!  I swear, I swear, I swear! 

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