Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: Bison Bakkanto Moroccan Lava and a giveaway mention!

I've always wanted to try a sweat bath, especially after Jenny has posted about them so much! I definitely don't know exactly what I expected, but it was much more mild than I expected.  When I hear sweat bath, I immediately think it would be like I'm sitting in a sauna and be sweating bullets, but it was actually quite comfortable.  That's hoping that I did it right!


 Bison Bakkantou -Volcanic is a bath soak that can enhance tightening and moisturizing your skin.While soaking in the hot bath, adding this product to your bath can increase being beautiful!
The main ingredients: carbonic acid and germanium helps to moisture your skin and create a flawless beautiful skin.The 6 Tightening Hot Ingredients and Moisture Ingredients:  Germanium, Hot spring mineral (White Clay), Ginger extract, Sea salt, and Plant ExtractEnjoy the bubbly sound while soaking in the hot bath!

It was so cool!  As soon as I put it into the bathwater, it started crackling like pop rocks, and spread throughout the bath.  The water turned a smoky gray color, and it smelled so good.  Citrusy! After my bath, the citrusy smell stayed on my skin, it's so nice!  My skin is super soft, too.  I'll definitely be using it again!


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