Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shopping Haul

So I'm finally getting off my lazy arse and updating.  I wanted my next update to be the fifth day of that photoblogging challenge, buuuut I don't really want to post up my house, so I might just skip it.  Anyway, over the past two weeks I've done a lot of shopping.  I've really been trying to stop so much (It's on my list of resolutions!) but it's so haaaaard.  I got into the habit of using it to make me feel better, and with everything that's been going on lately, it's been my therapy! 

Anyway, I just wanted to post about what I got, so it looks like I at least made an effort to pay attention to this blog.  Tumblr has been taking over my life.  I'll eventually get to those other reviews.  I wanted to review my Smashbox liner, but it's pretty much dried up so I'll have to cross it off my list.  The others, I have it half written up, but I have yet to take pictures of me wearing it.  

Anyway, onto the pictures, because no one likes an all text post! 

first I bought these gorgeous flowers to brighten up my bedroom a bit.  It was so pretty and they smelled so nice.  I want to go get some more as soon as I can.

So mum and I went to Target and I came away with more than I had intended to get:
I bought this color for my job interview.  It's called Mulberry Street and it's NYC brand.  It's a nude which was good, because my interview was for a bank and definitely needed to be professional.  It also has this pearly sheen to it, which I looooooove.

I got these as well. :3  I love this style of tights.  With the dots.  For the longest time I looked for them, and never thought to look at Target.
and last at Target, I got a hat!
I had another just like it, but in the move back from California it got crushed, and I haven't been able to get it back into its proper shape, soooo I just bought a new one. 
Mum and I also went to Kohls. I really need to stop shopping with my mum, I always end up spending spending spending! 

This is my favorite shirt. I love the rose pattern, and I'm not sure if you can see it here, but the yoke part is patterned lace.  I fell in love when I saw it.  It's very sheer though so I had to buy a tank top to go underneath.
I got one in a similar style to the other. The top is lace, too.  I've been feeling so super girly with spring coming and everything I've bought lately has been girly, with lace, ruffles, or florals.  I love it! 
I got this shirt, too!  I love the ruffles down the front, but like the others, it's so sheer. T.T
I got this cardigan to wear to my current job.  The uniform is all black and you can never have too many cardigans!  Plus, once again, I fell in love with the lace and flouncy bottom.
I got these shoes as well.  I love the little bow at the toe.
anyway, we made another trip to Kohls today as well. 
I got these aaaand
again with the bows!
The other day, I went to H&M with my bestie and picked up a few things

These were the last pair, and they were a 5! I'm normally a 6 so I didn't think they would fit, but they did!  So it's obviously fate.  I couldn't leave them behind!  I also picked up another lippy, but I'll write a review on that at some point.
I bought MW2.  Maybe I'll actually get around to playing it.  I haven't played my xbox in a while T.T

I also got these amazing stickers for my keyboard.  Makes learning and writing Korean so so so much easier. 
I leave you at the end of this with my lazy arse cat.

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