Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review: Hana SPC Hyper Circle Brown 14.5mm

So I got these lenses from Shoppingholics.com. And this review is way overdue.  They sent me the Hana SPC Hyper Circle Browns.  I was a bit unsure about them, just because my eyes are very light and I was sure the brown wouldn't blend very well.  It doesn't.  The color break is noticeable, but it's ok, because I still love them.  In the sunlight, it's not a big noticeable difference.

but in flash, it's incredibly noticeable.

I still love these contacts so much.  They're super comfortable, the only thing is, these ones, more than the Max Pure Gray, I tend to put them on inside out at first.  But I'm pretty sure that's just me. :3

I haven't had any issues with them drying out, but these ones do tend to slip a bit more than my Max Pure Grays.

They're 14.5mm, just like the Max Pure Grays, so I do see enlargement.  

Comfort: 10/10
Color: 8/10 (Just because they don't blend T.T)
Design: 9/10 (The design is pretty)
Enlargement: 10/10
Overall: 9/10

This is kind of a sucky review, but I don't know what all to say about them. T.T I mean the important things about it are comfort and design and enlargement, right?  And I covered that.  Soooo, not much else to say? My last review was about the circle lenses, but also the website, so it was longer T.T the service I got from the website was amazing like last time.  They're very prompt with emails.  And the shipping was the same!  11 days. :]

I also have a pair of the Princess Mimi's on their way.  I'm nervous now, seeing how big the 14.5mm looks on me!  These Princess Mimi's are 15mm!

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