Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thirteen Hallows

Hello, my loves!

hal·low - \ˈha-(ˌ)lō\: to respect greatly

Alright, so the title comes from the new instalment of "The Scarifyers".
When a haunted chess set causes consternation at the British Chess Championships, and a horse magically materialises in Kettering Agricultural Museum, MI:13 are called to investigate.

Harry Crow (David Warner) and Professor Dunning (Terry Molloy) follow the trail of inexplicable happenings to an unremarkable terraced house in South Wales, home to the mysterious Mr Merriman (David Benson). He’s very old, and very mad; but is there more to Merriman than first appears?

Meanwhile, in the South West of England, famed archaeologist Ralegh Radford (Ewan Bailey) is on the verge of the greatest discovery of the age. Britain’s Tutankhamen, the press are calling it. But what he certainly isn’t expecting to unearth is boisterous 1400-year-old knight Glewlwyd Gafaelfawr (Gareth David-Lloyd).

As Crow and Dunning unravel an unlikely plot to resurrect Britain’s greatest-ever hero, the race is on to stop sinister forces at home and abroad from finding… THE THIRTEEN HALLOWS.
I bought the CD because Gareth David-Lloyd was lending his voice to a character. I definitely don't regret it. The story was funny, and partly about King Arthur. One of my favourites! Not only that, but today (the 8th), Gareth David-Lloyd was signing copies in London. If you're interested, you can read about the signing here. It was one of the greatest moments of my life.

Shopping haul under the cut.

Now for my thirteen hallows (of a sort).
I've done quite a bit of shopping every time I go into London. Picked up enough that I have my very own "Thirteen Hallows".

I've had a distinct lack of sweaters, having moved from Florida. Fortunately, I was able to find some cute, comfy ones. The grey one is my favourite. It's a bit thin, but it's got to be the softest sweater I have ever felt!

I fell in love with the ear cuff. The feathers and different charms just called to me. I have been vacillating back and forth though, over whether I will send it to my friend for her birthday or not. I might just want to keep it for myself! The same thing with the bracelets. I might just have to give them up though. Her birthday is on Christmas, so I'd like to get her something nice.

I desperately needed a pair of gloves, and I stumbled across this adorable pair of mittens. Needless to say I snatched them up. Also fell in love with this ring, but again, I think I might send it to my friend for her birthday.

I think I will always end up buying tights whenever I go out. I have so many pairs now! The two on the left are micro fibre tights. They're amazingly soft on the inside and out. Not only that, but they're so warm. I had originally wanted some tights from Train, but I feel like these are a good dupe. Train's Onna No Yokubou tights have now had more colours added, and this burgundy colour is one of them. Similar tights for way less than half the price. I can't argue!

I also terribly needed a new wallet. The wallet I had in the US was definitely not equipped for the incredible amount of coins used here.

And finally, what has to be my favourite items of the haul. My spiked boots and spiked cardigan. They're pretty self explanatory. I wear the cardigan every chance I get, and I just picked up the boots today. I can't wait to wear them out!

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