Monday, August 20, 2012

Sorry all!

Hello lovely followers!

Just a quick apology for not being around, no updates, and no comments! It's been a hectic couple of weeks which has kept me from finding the time to sit down to read and comment on posts, as well as update my own blog.

Unfortunately, last week my laptop display went pfft, so my poor laptop has been getting repaired. I feel so vulnerable without it! It's been a constant fixture in my life for 3 years! As a result, I'm updating this now on my iPad and wow it is difficult! I can't wait to have my laptop back.

My cousins have been visiting as well. They arrived at the beginning of this month and will be here until the 29th. (Though we have a reprieve for a week as they've gone to stay with my grandmother. Just in time too, as I've just had some dental work done and need peace and quiet!) There are four children 10 and under and they are a handful!. Between running around after children and not having my laptop, getting even just a moment of peace is hard to come by.

On the plus side, I've gotten my visa! Once we're free of these children and I have my laptop back, no more hectic running around needed. I'll be completely free to sit down and update my blog and catch up on all the posts that I've missed!

Thank you for being patient with me and hopefully I'll be back sometime next week!

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