Wednesday, February 1, 2012

[REVIEW] Bison Bakkanto Rose Champagne

Updating from school!  It seems like all my professors got together and decided to all pile on a bunch of reading at once!  I'm taking a break from studying to make this review.

I bought this at the same time as the Moroccan Lava but waited until now to use it.  Sadly, the bath in my apartment isn't really ideal.  The tub is so deep that the hot water runs out before it's even full! So depressing.  Anyway, I loved this bath salt.  I loved it even more than the Moroccan Lava one.

Bison Bakkantou -Rose Champagne is a bath soak that can enhance tightening and moisturizing your skin.

While soaking in the hot bath, adding this product to your bath can increase being beautiful!

The main ingredients: carbonic acid and germanium helps to make a fluffly skin and moisturize your skin to create a flawless beautiful skin. 

The 5 Tightening Hot Ingredients:
Germanium, Hot spring mineral, Red pepper, Ginger extract, Rock salt.

Moisture Ingredients:
Rosehip extract, Rose extract, Collagen, Hyaluronic, PEG-90M. 

Enjoy the bubbly sound while soaking in the hot bath!

This one turned my bath water a nice pastel pink, and the popping was so loud I could hear it in my bedroom.  It was so cool.  It was super soothing, and the perfect thing to do when taking a breather from studying!  Such a nice scent, too.  In the bag it was kind of strong, but once mixed into the water is was less overpowering.  Nice rose scent.

My skin was so soft, and I smelt like roses for the rest of the day.  So super soothing, and definitely destressing.  I certainly wasn't sweating my exam for the rest of the day!
I definitely give it a 5/5. 

I saw a Royal Milk Honey one.  I'll definitely be trying that one next!

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