Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! I resolve to...

It's been way too long since I've updated! 
Last year, I met some of my goals that I set for my New Year's resolutions.  I got a car, an apartment, and started school.  My plans changed a bit, so I didn't go to Korea or Japan.  This year, I want to go with some more realistic things.

In the new year I want to:

1. Eat healthier and Exercise for 30 minutes every day.
Of course, eating healthy is super important! I have very bad habits when it comes to eating, so I would like to eat more fruits and especially vegetables (hate vegetables!).  Healthy eating and exercise is super important, and I'd really like to take more time to put it into my schedule.

2. Accepted into UK universities
I'm applying to transfer to a few UK universities.  It'd be such a great opportunity, and schools in the UK have higher quality education than most schools in the US.  Especially my school.  I'm applying for schools in England as well as Wales, so we'll see what happens!  Even getting accepted will be an achievement.  So that's a goal!  It's my big, ultimate goal for the year.

3. Get a job
I think that this might be the first one I achieve!  I'm a full-time student right now, and my schedule isn't always open enough to hold a job.  Fortunately my schedule is open enough this semester to hold a job!  i'm actually kind of excited about it.  Staying away from malls though~  I'd like to work as a bartender (or barback!) or a barista!

4. Be confident and be more open with others
This one goes hand in hand with confidence.  I've been way too shy to approach people on my own, and as a result, I really haven't met anyone up at school!  I want to change that.  For my major, I'm joining a couple of clubs, so I'm going to start there.

5. Blog
Pretty self-explanatory, yeah?  I've noticed I'll blog a bit in one month, then almost nothing another.  I want to try to figure out a schedule that I can blog and balance school and work.  I want to try and blog once a week, or once every two weeks!

6. Study
I want to keep my grades up, and my GPA up.  So that I'll get accepted into the universities I'm applying for.  I'm a horrible procrastinator (even blogging!  So many posts in drafts that need to be finished), and I always put my studying off until the last minute.  I think if I put in the effort, I'd definitely do a lot better than I am (not that I'm doing bad).

I think these should be a bit more manageable than what I had last year.  How about you?  What are your resolutions?
(Sorry for the all text post!)

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